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  • If hard disk is not working how to recover data
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  • Firewall installation
  • installing antivirus
  • Support for laptop accessories and spare parts
  • Laptop hinge replacement or repair
  • Replacement of a laptop LCD screen,
  • Laptop Motherboard Repair or replacement,
  • Laptop touchpad replacement
  • Installation of  an operating system
  • Changing the size of the Random access Memory, removing the password in case you forget it, and many other things.
  • If your laptop has suddenly started giving you trouble and you’re new to Delhi, you can contact us and leave your worries.
  • Overheating problem
  • no battery is detected
  • Why my computer is not turning on

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Rajdhani Deals is one of the best laptop repairing shop that offers well-trained engineers who repair laptops at your doorstep in Delhi NCR. You only need to make one phone call to have any hardware or software issues with your computer fixed in front of your eyesight in your home or place of business, all while staying within your budget. Our employees are skilled. We can repair any brand or model of laptop, including Apple (Mac Book Air/Pro), Dell Inspiron, Acer Aspire, HCL, Compaq, Sony Vaio, LG, Samsung, HP Pavilion, Fujitsu, Toshiba Satellite, Lenovo Thinkpad/ Ideapad, Asus, MSI, Compaq, IBM, AMD, and others. Our staff has up to 18 years of experience in the same field.

Only one reputable business in Delhi NCR, Rajdhani Deals offers its customers the best on-site/doorsteps laptop repair service in Noida. The ability to repair any type of laptop, including those from Apple, Lenovo, Acer, Vaio, Dell, Toshiba, Mac, Compaq, Sony, IBM, Samsung, and other brands, comes from having a vast 18years of experience in this sector.

If you live in Delhi NCR and don’t know much about laptop hardware shops or don’t know who to call or consult if you have any problems with your desktop or laptop. Call Rajdhani Deals right away since we are the best and top-rated laptop repair service in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Vaishali, Indirapuram, and Ghaziabad.

Our Services: We repair laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other electronic devices. Get your device fixed today! Our services include screen replacement, motherboard replacement, hard disk replacement, data recovery, virus removal, software installation, battery replacement, power supply replacement, keyboard replacement, touchpad replacement, webcam replacement, speaker replacement, mouse replacement, printer replacement, network card replacement, monitor replacement, LCD replacement, LED replacement, CPU replacement, RAM replacement, HDD replacement, SSD replacement, memory upgrade, hard drive backup, hard drive recovery, hard drive cloning, hard drive partitioning, hard drive formatting, hard drive cleaning, hard drive fixing,

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We repair laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other electronic devices. Get your device fixed today!

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The motherboard serves as the nervous system of the laptop, with the CPU acting as its brain. The motherboard is the narrow board that occupies the majority of the computer’s area and is typically the biggest part. Its fibreglass construction has minute copper lines that traverse the surface imbedded within it. These “traces,” or lines, provide direct communication between the CPU and other components of the computer, such as the RAM and storage (see below). Although the CPU in certain thick, older laptops has a socket that enables it to be replaced, more frequently than not, the two pieces are soldered together and cannot be replaced separately. Laptop repairing shop offers one month warranty on Laptop Motherboard repair.

Laptop Repairs & Maintenance Service in Delhi

Own up to it Repairing laptop screens

Even if you take great care to protect your technology, problems like a cracked or shattered computer screen occasionally cannot be avoided. However, just because you’re having display issues doesn’t imply your laptop is beyond repair.

Depending on the type of computer, anyone can change screen, even those who have never done it. 
Just be aware that using touch-screen laptop can make the process considerably more difficult.

Additionally, you should be aware that replacing a laptop screen isn’t always the simplest task and that doing so runs the risk of worsening the issue and nullifying the manufacturer’s warranty. Before you start the process of changing your screen, it’s critical to have faith in your abilities and to decide whether you would feel more at ease taking it to a reputable repair facility.

How much does a laptop screen repair cost?

You’ll be relieved to learn that replacing a cracked laptop screen won’t cost as much as you would anticipate. Costs for professional repairs are typically in the INR 2500 range [1]. If you feel confident fixing your laptop yourself, you can typically locate replacement screens online for fair costs, sometimes as little as 1500 to 3500 and the installation typically only takes an hour or two.

Identify the proper screen

Knowing the type of your laptop can help you ensure that you buy the right replacement screen, which is one of the key reasons to do so. While many businesses provide laptop screen repair kits that might simplify the process, if you get the incorrect screen you won’t be able to perform any repairs. If you’re having trouble identifying your computer’s model, go to the “Settings” menu and look for the serial number to help you.

Finding the ideal screen for your device doesn’t have to be difficult, thankfully. You may frequently locate what you’re looking for by just typing your laptop’s model number into an online search engine.

To focus your search on LCD-related computer accessories, you might choose to include that search word to your query. Although it depends on the sort of computer you have, screens should generally be reasonably priced, and you could even be able to get some for around INR 1500.

Make sure you selected the correct choice before making a purchase because some merchants can use a different method of identifying the model of your laptop. The seller’s listing should contain almost all the details you require. Once more, be sure to examine the specifications of your device and the screen you’re buying. You should also confirm that the video cable on the back of your screen is compatible with the device.

Open the screen with the appropriate tools.

Although it is not an exhaustive manual for all computers, the majority of devices should have the essentials covered.

To install your new screen correctly, you’ll need a few tools. These tools may greatly simplify the process and help you solve problems quickly.

Have the following items available to help you get ready:

a workable surface that is spotless and flat

To remove the screen bezel, use a putty knife or equivalent tool.

a Phillips screwdriver with a magnet

a needle or pin to remove the bezel

a little dish for screws

To attach the replacement LCD to the laptop frame, use adhesive or tape.

Remove all power sources

To reduce the danger of electric shock, first shut off your laptop and make sure it is removed from a power source. To prevent any further problems, it is also helpful to remove the battery after that.

Once you’ve done that, you need to figure out which stickers on the screen bezel cover which screws. They are often located close to the screen’s bottom, where the display’s hinges would be if the display were opened. There ought to be two.

Carefully remove stickers and screws
Remove bezel
Remove the LCD
Disconnect cable connectors
Insert the new screen
Reattach bezel
Power up

How to Replace a Laptop Keyboard

You may access the wide digital cosmos with the help of laptops, which are competent, practical, and portable devices. Dealing with genuine hardware damage can be difficult, though, since there is only so much frame space available to house all of the necessary gear and components.
Your laptop is made up of various working components that need to work together for it to perform properly. The keyboard on your laptop is one of the most important parts of the computer.
Accidents may occur, but if your equipment is destroyed inadvertently, the cost to repair it may be prohibitive. Thankfully, changing a malfunctioning laptop keyboard is a straightforward, step-by-step process that only requires a few basic tools, some time, and technical know-how.

  • Get the service/repair manual for your computer.
    Gather the necessary components.
    Prepare your work area.
  • Take your computer apart.
  • reassemble using the new component

Looking for service to replace your laptop battery!

Another frequent problem that people have with their computers is battery deterioration. 
When the battery is fully charged and the charger is still plugged in, this problem typically occurs. 
This is due to the overcharging of the battery brought on by the extra current used to power the laptop. 
Your laptop will suffer internal damage if the cord used to charge the battery is bent, which will cause the battery to run out sooner. 
There are other problems that might harm the laptop battery in the same way.
It may not be the quality of the laptop, but something you have been neglecting for long, if you have been experiencing decreased battery backup on your laptop compared to when you first started using it. No matter what brand of computer you own, a typical issue that many laptop users have is the battery dying quickly.
A abrupt shutdown without any prior notice is a sign that your battery needs to be replaced since it has died. It may be a sign that the battery is starting to fail if it doesn’t fully charge. For all laptop manufacturers, including HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Sony, MacBook, and more, we provide a replacement battery service. Therefore, we will repair every laptop you bring to us.
Only replace a laptop battery that has been damaged. Experts and pros in the laptop repair industry should do this task. At Rajdhani Deals, you can find everything. In India, we offer the finest service for replacing laptop batteries. The replacement of your laptop’s battery will be completed swiftly by our trained laptop repair specialists. You may get the best laptop battery replacement service in India by simply booking a repair job. Rajdhani Deals offers the most cost-effective original/OEM batteries of the highest calibre for all laptop brands. Schedule A Repair Now!

Replacement laptop batteries are available for all popular laptop brands.

Replacement battery for HP laptops

For all the popular HP models, including the HP Spectre, Envy, Chromebook, Elite, and others, get battery replacement service.

Replacement Battery for Dell Laptop

For all the popular Dell models, including the Dell XPS 15, Dell’s Alienware, Dell XPS, the Dell XPS 17, and more, get battery replacement service.

Replacement Battery for an Asus laptop

For all popular Asus models, including the Asus ROG Zephyrus G15, Asus Chromebook Flip, Asus ZenBook 13, Asus ROG Zephyrus M15 GU502, Asus VivoBook S15, Asus TUF A15, and more, get battery replacement service.

Replacement Battery for Lenovo Laptop

For all the popular Lenovo models, including the Lenovo ThinkPad, Lenovo IdeaPad, Lenovo V15 AMD, and Lenovo, get battery replacement service.

Replacement battery for a Samsung laptop

For all the popular Samsung models, including the Galaxy Book Pro, Galaxy Chromebook 2, Galaxy Book Go, Galaxy Book Odyssey, and others, you may get battery replacement service.

A replacement battery for a Toshiba laptop

For all the popular Toshiba models, including the Toshiba Satellite, Toshiba Portege, Toshiba Portege Z30T, and others, get battery replacement service.

Battery for Microsoft Surface Laptop

For all the popular Microsoft Surface devices, including the Surface Pro 8, Surface Laptop 4, Surface Go 3, and more, get battery replacement service.

Replacement Battery for Sony Laptop

Receive battery replacement service for all the popular Sony models, including the VAIO Fit, E, S, and more.

Get all battery-related issues For Your Laptop, Replacement Or Repair Issues with laptop batteries’

  • Laptop battery isn’t charging
  • Replacement batteries for laptops
  • battery issue with the laptop
  • problem with a laptop’s battery
  • battery not detecting
  • battery not charging laptop
  • No battery is detected

Several aspects concerning DC jack repair you should be aware of

1. The DC jack on your laptop is more brittle than you may imagine
The fact that the little plug used to power your laptop is delicate piece of technology often shocks our consumers. 
Although it does very straightforward task, the issue is that it experiences lot of wear and tear. 
The jack housing is put under stress each time the power cord is removed from the laptop. 
This is especially true if you frequently trip over the cable or pull things out aggressively.


2. Your computer’s DC To its motherboard, Jack is hardwired.

The DC connector is soldered onto the motherboard, which is the second thing you should know about it. 
In other words, it is directly linked to your computer’s central processing unit. 
Although it only plays little role in how your laptop operates, it is connected to the crucial component of your computer. 
This brings us to the third item you should be aware of.

3. Accessing the DC jack is not an easy task!

A DC jack is a small, straightforward component, yet it’s surprisingly difficult to reach. You must first remove the exterior housing, motherboard, hard drive, RAM, keyboard, and its frame before you can fix your DC jack. Even merely to reach even one little component is a difficult process.

The good news is that
You often won’t need to get the entire motherboard replaced if a DC jack fails. We have the skills to only unsolder the DC jack from the circuit board and solder a new one in its place. You may save a lot of money, time, and bother by doing this.

Your laptop’s ten jack can be fixed with one call

These procedures take a lot of time and effort to complete alone. If you’ve never soldered before, replacing the DC connector might easily result in motherboard damage. However, you are not required to do this on your own. We can assist if your DC jack needs to be repaired. Call us at 09811110211 or use our online form to get in touch. You can drop off or porter your laptop to us.

Changing a hard drive and installing a new operating system

It is essential to replace your computer’s hard disc as soon as you see any indicators of hard drive failure. You have the opportunity to save the information that is currently on it, including your operating system. You can save money by doing it yourself, even though it’s a more difficult repair than many people feel comfortable carrying out on their own.

The ideal technique to reinstall the operating system and the fundamental processes for replacing a hard drive are described in the guidance that follows. This article may be used to replace a damaged hard disc as well as upgrade an old one to one with greater speed and storage.

1. Backup your data

Back up everything on the drive that you want to save before you do any of the actions required to physically replace it, including:

Programs \sDocuments
video and picture files
playlists and music files
Games and downloaded materials (DLC)
You may accomplish this by employing an external data storage device or a backup service in the cloud to preserve hard disc storage. Assemble your old CDs or data files for reinstallation on your new drive, and take the time to choose which programmes you want to preserve.

2. Produce a backup CD

Make a recovery disc that the computer may use to boot up the new, blank drive once it is installed if you want to reinstall Windows on your new machine. You may build one by going to the Windows website and downloading the appropriate operating system version on a CD-ROM or USB device.
Before beginning, verify that your storage disc or drive has adequate free space and that it has been correctly formatted in accordance with Windows instructions.

3. Take out the old Drive

Before beginning, make sure your computer is off and disconnected. Additionally, we suggest that you wear a bracelet and anti-static mat. This device grounds both you and the computer, preventing the transfer of any accumulated static charge and potential shorting out of the computer’s sensitive internal components. It also prevents you from getting zapped.
Replacement of an Old Computer Hard Drive

Open the computer case’s door to start the procedure. By manufacturer, this will change. There may be a sliding mechanism or tiny screws to hold it in place.

Locate the hard disc and unplug the power and data connections from the drive after you and the computer are securely grounded.

Work backward to discover how to unplug the old hard drive from the power and data ports before consulting the installation manual for the new hard drive. If you’re unsure, search online for your particular computer brand.
The drive is often fastened to the casing using a number of tiny screws. After removing them, use a sliding motion to remove the hard drive from the computer casing or bay. Although physically removing the unplugged old drive is not required, many people prefer to get it out of the way.
This makes room in your computer casing for future additions, such a second hard drive. Additionally, it increases airflow around the new drive. Make sure all connections are unplugged if you decide to keep the old drive inside the computer casing.

4. Set up the fresh drive

Simply carry out the previous instructions in reverse to install the new drive. As instructed in the new drive’s manual, connect the power connections first, then the data connection cables.
It might be necessary to move the drive into the bay first, depending on how short the connections are. While working, a tiny flashlight might be useful for allowing you to see within the bay’s cramped environment. You are now prepared to install a new drive after replacing the screws holding the drive to the case and the computer case door.

5. Your operating system should be reinstalled.

After replacing the physical element of your hard drive, you must appropriately format and partition the disc before using it for the first time. This step is simple for Windows users to do, but it is important before moving on.

How Much Does a Laptop Fan Cost to Repair?

The laptop is increasingly important in people’s life, particularly for those who work and need to complete office activities. Being without a laptop for a day is quite difficult because it is necessary for all of your activities. All of these things can be done on a laptop, whether you want to finish your job, listen to music, or view movies. These laptops do, however, have a fan problem that frequently affects many computers. As a result of the laptop fan malfunctioning, all of your laptop’s activities must be abandoned.

You should be concerned about the repair’s cost if your laptop fan is giving you any difficulty and you want to fix it. If so, you should read this post to learn how much it will cost to fix a laptop fan.

How Much Does a Laptop Fan Repair Cost?

Because various laptop suppliers charge you differently, it’s impossible to determine the exact cost to repair a laptop fan because it depends on the model. However, you may simply do it yourself if you know how to fix electronic devices. So let’s talk about the costs associated with getting a laptop repaired from another provider vs fixing it yourself.

Comparison of Laptop Fan Repair Prices from Various Vendors

For people who have no prior knowledge fixing electronics, this solution is preferable. Without previous experience, you might seriously harm the laptop’s components if you attempt to install it yourself.

The price to repair a laptop fan also relies on the state of the fan, since some providers could swap out your current fan for an outdated one that could break down at any time. For your laptop to last a long time, it would be great if you used the warranty.

Depending totally on your laptop model, the typical cost to repair a laptop fan will range from INR 200 to INR 600. A more expensive laptop model can wind up costing you more.

The cost of DIY laptop fan repair

If you choose not to have a vendor repair your laptop fan, you should attempt to do it yourself because it will be less expensive. However, you can only do this if you spend between INR 200 and INR 600 on a laptop fan from the market. Again, this depends on the type of your laptop because you can get a laptop fan for as low as INR 100.

How to Fix Accidental Laptop LCD or Flat Panel Damage Not Covered by Warranty or Service Contract

What causes inadvertent harm? (also referred to as Customer Induced Damage)

Accidental damage is any harm brought on by an inadvertent action and not directly attributable to a flaw in the production process. Accidental damage is not covered by the product’s normal warranty. The LCD screen or another component of the product may sustain such damage as a consequence of a drop or other accident, which might cause the item to stop working. Only an Accidental Damage service offering, an add-on option to the product’s standard warranty, covers these kinds of damages. Accidental Damage and the rare dead or stuck pixel on the LCD display should not be mistaken. Please refer to the Dell Display Pixel Guidelines for further details regarding dead or stuck pixels.

What are the most typical unintentional damage scenarios for a Dell laptop or monitor’s LCD panel?

Glass with chips, scratches, or cracks

Since it is built to exacting requirements and standards, the LCD glass on the display is unlikely to fracture or shatter on its own when used normally. Glass that has been cracked or shattered is often regarded as incidental damage and is not covered by the basic guarantee.

various-sized black splotches or ink dots

A break in the internal glass has allowed liquid crystal to collect in some regions of the screen.

Inadequate force on the screen is usually the cause of internal fractures. The screen may become damaged as a consequence of an object striking it, a drop, or an attempt to seal the lid while anything is inside.

various-sized dark or bright specks

Typically, spots appear when an outside force strikes the screen and damages the LCD panel’s backlight component. The underlying region was crushed and harmed, creating this result, even if the top layer did not shatter or break.

When data cannot be retrieved in the typical manner, a recovery specialist should be consulted.

The process of recovering data from corrupted or broken storage media devices, such as HDDs, SSDs, or flash drives, is known as data recovery. This corruption may result from either logical or physical damage to the internal filing system or to the hardware itself. The goal is always the same: either copy all files on the damaged device to another, accessible device, or put the original device back in working condition.

The process used to recover data is determined by a number of variables, including the device’s age, hardware sophistication, and degree of storage device failure. If the damage is physical in origin, data recovery specialists will try to fix the device by swapping out the broken hardware. Specialized software that can clone raw data and replicate it to a new device may be used in the event of logical damage.

An example of a computer virus

An example of malware (malicious software) is a computer virus, which is created to self-replicate, or create copies of itself on any disc attached to your computer.

Computer viruses may multiply themselves, much like actual viruses, which is how they got their name. This is how a computer virus spreads once it has already infected your machine. Your computer may become slower and cease functioning correctly when a virus attacks it. Your machine might have contracted a computer virus in one of three ways. Your computer could get infected for the first time using removable storage, such a USB stick. A USB stick or disc from an unidentified source might be infected with a virus if you introduce it into your computer.

how to get rid of a virus

Things to Be Aware Of
On Windows and Mac, the majority of infections may be eliminated using an antivirus product and Safe Mode.
You might need to reinstall the operating system on your computer if the infection cannot be eliminated.

Avoid entering passwords into any crucial accounts if your computer has been infected with a virus.

Take your computer to Refresh if you need assistance identifying the source of a problem with it! We provide free tests without an appointment every day of the week! Bring your problematic computer to our shop at any time during business hours, and one of our helpful technicians will spend 15 to 20 minutes with you discussing the symptoms and running hardware and software tests to identify the problem while you wait.

To detect and fix internal board-level issues that need specialist disassembly of laptops and all-in-one PCs, advanced diagnostic fees may be applicable.

For further information, give us a call at 9811110211.